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in loving memory of Kassandra Rose McGrath  

(July 11,1996 ~  August 29, 2000)


April 23, 2000

Meet Kassy...

On July 11, 1996, my best friend Katy gave us the gift of an angel...She named her Kassandra Rose McGrath.

Only four short years later on August 29, 2002, we lost her to cancer.

My God daughter Kassy is the sweetest, most wonderful little girl I have ever had the pleasure to know. She touched many lives with her sweet smile and loving heart.  She will forever be missed.




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A little of Kassy's Story...





Kassy was always a perfect baby.  She had the strongest, loudest laugh I had ever heard.  She was always very smart.  I taught her to "blow raspberries" at three months... and she never stopped!  When Kassy was 15 months old, she was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a child-hood liver cancer that had spread to her lungs. Through all her treatments and hard times Kassy remained a very happy and playful little girl.   She was so well adjusted that except for her little bald head you never would have known she had cancer.  She spent most of her child-hood in Maine Medical's Pediatrics Ward.  This is where she met her best friend Brandon.  They were kindred spirits.  They loved each other from the start. 


Brandon's family, friends and Kassy lost him to cancer in April 2000.


Because the doctors were unable to find a treatment for Kassy's cancer, in July 2000 they told us she only had six months left with us.  On August 22, we Kassy's parents were told she only had a week left because the cancer on her liver was still active and was spreading fast. 













Kassy & Brandon at Maine Med.


•On August 29th  Kassy went to live with Brandon and the Angels in Heaven•