•Photo Album•


July 11, 1996

3 months


9 months


Kassy's 1st Christmas with Mommy

15 months old when Kassy was diagnosed with her cancer


Little Red Shoes

2nd Birthday

2 years old

Best Friends

Kassy & Brandon

Kassy in Disney World with Tigger

Where's Kassy?

You have to smile when you look at this one.

Kassy cheering me on at my college graduation.

Katy, Me (Auntie Lori), and Kassy on Christmas 1999.

Kassy blowing out the candle on her 4th birthday.

Kassy's 1st bike, 1st birthday.

Kassy with Katy, Mommy.

Our little Movie Star! 2000


•Funny Faces•

April 23, 2000.  Kassy and I made a book of Kassy's Funny Faces for Katy for her Mother's Day gift.  She made the faces, I took the pictures. We made the perfect team!



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