•As told by Kassy's Mom•

Born on July 11, 1996 she brought joy and happiness to us.  She was the sweetest, cutest and quietest baby.  She got her attitude after she got sick.  And boy did she get an attitude!

I loved to dress her up and show her off.  Kassy met her boyfriend, Brandon Violett, in the hospital and I know they are together now. 

What can I say about Kassy?  She was who she was.  She loved to play Basketball (she could dribble a ball by the time she was two!) and baseball.  Her favorite songs were "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J and "Oops I Did it Again" by Brittney Spears.  Her favorite movies were Air Bud and Blue's Clues. We will never forget her and will forever love her.




She is Beautiful

This angel that was sent to me

And though her stay on earth

Is shorter than most

She has taught me a valuable lesson

The lesson of love and life.

I will never love another

As I do her.

She is my reason for happiness

An angel who has touched many lives

With her charming smile

And devious eyes.

She brings laughter and peace

Where ever she goes.

And when she leaves this dreadful earth,

She will leave the love and laughter behind.

And I will have the courage to go on

Knowing she is safe where ever she is,

Because she will always be in my heart

Where I will always remember her

My Sweet Daughter.


~Katy McGrath, 2000


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